Vanilla Latte [Scrub]

Vanilla Latte [Scrub]

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Indulge in this coffee lover's magic and exfoliate your body. This scrub will have your senses tingling by it’s reminder of freshly brewed coffee and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth from the mix of oils in this.

Here’s why our vanilla latte scrub is perfect for your shower routine:
✨Made entirely from natural organic ingredients
✨Albeit a dry scrub this will leave your skin feeling super moisturised due to the presence of moisturising oils in it
✨Coffee directly on skin helps combat dark spots, redness, sun spots and fine lines
✨Caffeic acid has antimicrobial properties which helps protect skin against germs
✨Coffee possesses anti inflammatory benefits
✨Reduces the appearance of cellulite
✨The Vanilla latte scrub has different sizes of coffee grinds and sugar making this ideal for tough areas such as elbows and knees

Use once or twice weekly for best results.