Who We Are

Welcome to Autumn Skin’s first blog post. What a better time than now to fully introduce you to the brand and what we are about.

We are a self-care brand created specially for you. We like to think of self-care as a duty, a duty with the sole purpose to nourish, satisfy, feed and bring your glow to the surface. The world today has shaped a lot of us in ways that we don’t focus on the important things, ourselves. 

Nothing else matters if you are not well within yourself, if you do not take care of yourself, if you do not show yourself the love and care that you should. It’s not your fault or mine or anyone else’s for that matter, we just get carried away by the hustle and bustle of life.


This is where Autumn Skin comes along. We want to guide you into this journey of making yourself and your loved ones the priority, popping up here and there with reminders to show yourself some TLC, and with Natural Organic products to bring out the best version of you. The best part is we also provide you with those things you can incorporate in your self-care practices.


 A little story on the name Autumn Skin. By definition Autumn Skin is “skin which has obvious warm undertones” and a personal favourite “skin with a warm glow”. ‘Glowing skin’ is a goal for most people and we believe that that glow comes from what you put on your skin and what you put in your soul. Taking care of yourself not only feels good but it also makes you look good, it brings out a glow and positive aura that money can’t buy, you become Autumn skin.

 We hope you join us on this journey and start showing yourself the best of the best, not for anyone but for yourself, bring out your Autumn Skin and live in it.

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