Life choices

This is a big one, this is a huge one.
I will just start this off with this disclaimer, I am in no way telling you to take any of the steps or make any of the choices that i talk about, I am just a girl trying to live a fabulous life and i'm vocal about the things i stand by at the same time i respect choices people take that i may disagree with, why? Because its not my life or my choices or my truth. Alright, let's get into it
I think it is important to be alone, let me expand on this a little. When i say be alone i mean that both literally and figuratively. When you are alone you get to be with yourself and talk to yourself and find yourself, its scary and can be lonely but the most powerful thing in the world and this shit will literally change your life. I understand that not everyone can easily detach and its not an easy thing to do, honestly it is fucking hard and the only reason i did it wasn’t because i chose to but i had to. The benefit of being alone is that you get the chance to find out what it is you really want and i don't mean what other people want you to want and then you want that, no i mean what you dream about, what you are passionate about, what makes your heart literally warm up in your chest and get you all excited. You can't do that without being alone and sadly its not a one day thing where you spend the day by yourself and boom self realisation, it takes time. So taking time out to not be in a relationship, time away from your family members, time away from your friends, just you and your thoughts for a fair bit of time. I HIGHLY recommend this, there are so many benefits to this and hopefully at the end of it all, if you managed to stay sane lol, you will have a power that i have no words to describe. You basically tap into the greatest power man has. So this is the first step i recommend in making life choices, well the step that i think will help you when making life choices. I know it's not easy but it's worth a shot.
My second thing is be completely and totally honest with yourself. I think a lot of people lie to themselves and it may not even be intentional but we have those times where you say the reason you are doing something is A but you just say that to maybe make yourself feel better for doing what it is you are doing or take away the accountability/responsibility or whatever reason it is, we do it. It could even be working and you may even believe that lie and be completely delusional but why do all that? I feel if you cannot be real with yourself then whats the point? You are on this earth to have a good time with good people and eat good food while doing whatever it is your purpose is and for you to get there you need to do it with brutal honesty to yourself. I don't know, maybe some people make it work but i have found that life is better and easier when i am honest with myself. When i am true to myself i know what i want and what i don't want, i am sure of the steps i am taking and where i want to be, i am firm and confident in myself and having that control and i guess assurance within yourself...nothing can beat that.
Next thing trust that it will work out. So i have made a lot of choices that could have gone terribly wrong and i was going to give an example of the most recent one but i don't want someone reading this and doing the exact same thing and it not working out. But i'll just say that i followed my heart and i literally did not know how things will turn out, not a clue but i knew in my heart things would work out and IT DID. Call it whatever you want a coincidence, luck but i know that my faith and trust brought it to me and that's what makes the difference, you can't go out hoping or praying for it to work (pray yes definitely) but you need to trust with every fibre in you that it will and it will.
Next thing is don't tell people whats going on. I don't mean keep secrets and stuff no, you can share them but make sure that who ever you are telling is someone you trust and someone you know will genuinely help you see it to the end. There are so many reasons to not tell people stuff going on but the main one i am thinking about now is the fact that people will push their fears and limitations on you. So if you tell your friend you want to start a business, (side note this can be done out of the purest intentions and love) your friend is like oh but in this economy/ so many people fail in this business, oh but you have no experience, you  know nothing about business....yes that's all true but you don't need to know all that. Think of it this way, you want to go on a road trip right and you say oh i am gonna go to Byron, then your friend starts telling you oh you know there are ditches on the road to Byron, there are bumpy roads, you don't know the way to Byron, how will you get there? You don't even have a car, no one is gonna give you their car ....and then you start to think and believe all these things which now makes you rethink everything and possibly cancel the trip all together. You didn't need all those challenges thrown at you. That sucks, you shouldn’t be discouraged because your friend couldn’t make it to Byron or they know people who didn’t make it to Byron, all that is none of your concern but sometimes it is extremely difficult to not be influenced by their fears and worries especially when they are true and facts but remember it is not your truth. This takes us to my third point of trusting things will work out. You don't need to figure out how things will be done just know that it will be done period.
I will make this my final point which is to be clear with what it is that you want. I have recently been listening to this audiobook recommended by this girl i follow on instagram and i am absolutely in love with this girl, just her energy and vibe and everything. So one time she mentioned this book in her caption and its called the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry hicks, if you believe in the law of attraction and stuff like that, this is a book that i think takes it a steps further and tbh i was a bit taken aback by some of the content but let me not digress. So one of the things that was spoken about in this book is that for you to get what you want you have to be clear about what it is you want. This made a lot of sense on so many levels, think of it this way yeah, we all say oh i wanna make a lot of money...okay? what is a lot of money to you? what number is a lot. Or this one “i want a nice car” okayyyyy what car tho? What colour is this car, what year, what model, what cannot give you what it doesn’t know you want. You get my point? Find out what you want and then go get it and expect it.
Well thats it for today beautiful people. I will end it here with this- 
Have a great life xx

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