How to take advantage of staying home

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With the world experiencing a drastic turn since the arrival of Covid in 2020, a lot of us have found ourselves having to stay indoors more than usual. For our fellow resident home-bodies, this may not be as much of a struggle; but for many of us, having to adapt to life at home has been a difficult task. Here is a list of a few tips that we have found to be helpful in getting into what we like to call ‘the home zone’. We are going to list a few things to help everyone (especially the latter) get into the home zone.


Ah, the dreaded first step... This is very important because if you are continuously fighting against the idea of being home then you are going to hate every second of it and make the whole experience a negative one. Not to mention, it unfortunately won't make it easier or change the situation. Accepting the situation will not only put you on the right track but it will also open up your mind and spirit to the endless possibilities of getting the most out of staying home.


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Staying at home can often make you feel unmotivated, If you’re anything like me, you’re probably used to telling yourself “oh I need to get back in the gym!”, well now you most likely have the time and more opportunity to workout than ever before. Most likely, you have a space in your home that can be utilised as a workout space or gym. You can find lots of alternatives to gym equipment at home also. Let’s break this down:

Don’t own a yoga mat? Use a large towel to do your routines on as an alternative (though I would definitely recommend investing in a mat). Don’t own any weights?...Um hello? Your body! Your body weight is one amazing weight system a lot of us neglect and tbh it's a perfect place to start if you haven't used regular weights before. Another alternative is to get yourself reusable 2-litre water bottles with handles, filling them up and using them as dumbbells. This is also a perfect way to increase your water intake as you’ll be reminded to sip more water throughout the day as well. 

No treadmill? One of my personal favourite ways of getting in cardio is to go outside for a walk/run. This not only lets you soak up the sun and get in your daily vitamin D, but it also allows you to discover cute hidden areas in your neighbourhood that you used to drive past or never appreciated before. You can put on a interesting podcast and listen to music, or choose to walk in silence to really hear yourself think. Don't be afraid to try it-  I personally recommend taking silent walks every once in a while, embrace being with yourself.


Yoga is an amazing art that not only gives your body nourishment but also gives your mind the space to really connect with your body in a meditative state. Give this power art a try and practice regularly, increasing your flexibility both physically and mentally. Yoga can be practiced anywhere from your living room to your backyard or a quiet outdoor space.

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Get Creative

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This is different to each individual as creativity is relative to everyone. In saying that, think of what creativity looks like for you personally and think of ways to tap into that while you’re home. It’s such an amazing feeling when you really tap into your creative side and produce something. This can be new to you- a lot of people like myself didn't really get the opportunity to practice creativity previously for various reasons, so now is a good time to figure out what that is and express yourself. I'm going to mention a few common creative options you can try but the list goes on. Some things you may want to dabble in: painting, music creation, sewing/fashion design, drawing/sketching, DIY projects and so much more. Take this opportunity to find out how you can express yourself artistically.



Get creative... In the kitchen

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Creativity in the kitchen can be a very therapeutic act for many people, myself included. It can be an experience that allows you to romanticise your food consumption. You can pour love into your meals by not only making them from scratch, but by filling it up with ingredients that you know is good for your body and are nourishing. You have the room to create what you want how you want it. Don’t get me wrong, we all love a good take-out night, but really getting into making your meals yourself can be truly beautiful. Yes yes I know, some of us aren’t naturally blessed with expert culinary skills and we all can’t be Gordan Ramsy, but even he had to acquire the knowledge of how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs. Between the Internet and videos on Youtube, you too can acquire more culinary knowledge for free. There's no excuse except that you just don't want to.



Dive into the Library

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If I'm being honest, I am not much of a reader myself and it genuinely takes me such a long time to finish one book (slow reader gang). Shoutout to the people who can finish one book in a matter of days or even in a few hours! I seriously admire that. Regardless, if you’re anything like me, there is that moment after you finish a book when you feel a wave of satisfaction and pride when you finish a book. Books can not only gift you a ton of insightful knowledge, but can also bring stories to life in a way that exercises your imagination... and that can be really beautiful. As we all know, reading regularly is proven to have lots of benefits for the mind, including increased focus and de-stressing. So give it a go, crack open a book you think will keep your interest. If you hate it then forget it but at least try to read it to the end. Pick something that you think will peak your interest and let yourself sink into it.


Practice some Self-care

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Self-care is an amazing tool that not only nourishes you but it also fills you enough to also give to others. It doesn’t have to be extreme, it can be the tiny things like making your self a cup of tea or doing a face mask or a body scrub whatever gives you a sense of care to the self is perfect. 

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Hope you get inspired by these tips and give it a shot. We would love to see that, tag us in an Insta story as you share your journey. See you next time xoxo




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