Fair trade (Drake inspired)

Today I'm gonna talk about losing people in your life. I have experienced this on so many levels, from friends to family to lovers and everything in between. Even as i type this it is a bit difficult to ignore the pressing question of “am i the problem?”. Honestly i don’t think I am but no one ever thinks they are, i have come to understand that even just being aware enough to question if you could be the problem is proof that you are not. But like I said no one can say who is the actual problem. The important thing is how you deal with situations like this and also what you take from it.


It’s never easy losing people, I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine and I expressed to her how much pain I was feeling at the moment and I said “its funny how i experience so much of this but it never gets easier.” it really doesn’t. I think the way I have switched my thinking in this matter is healthier for me and for my well being. I have come to realise that the reason we lose people is not because we aren’t good enough or they aren’t good enough but we just aren’t good for each other. Let me explain, when thinking of all the people I have lost in the past, these people have one thing in common, they weren’t on the same wavelength as me and sometimes we clash so much where we get to the point we can’t  flow together any more and that’s good because if you are stuck trying to make things with someone flow perfectly then you will always be there trying to control or improve the flow rather than enjoying where the flow takes you. I’m  not saying this is the reason everyone loses people but in my situations this is the realisation I have come to. It is important to look back to each relationship that you have moved on from and see what you can learn about yourself or your relationships with other people. Having this way of processing things can also help you bring some closure to yourself cause you can find yourself stuck in a state of pain and regret and anger if you don’t really dissect the relationship and the end of it. Also don’t feel bad for relationships lost, you know why? Cause the universe is making room for something better for you and this new addition cannot exist with your old relationships.

Another reason you lose people is growth, yes growth, when you grow and change and improve you no longer get satisfied or fulfilment from things or people you used to get that from and that’s okay. Think of it this way, when you are playing a video game with other players online, you get to play with people on the same level as you are. Once you upgrade and go to a higher level you will be put to play with new players who are in the same level with you because that is who you are most likely going to level up with and move with. So if you leave some people behind who are not able to get to a higher level as you that’s okay.



There’s not a lot i can say on this, i will just end with these words of encouragement, you are magnificent and wonderful, anyone who has the opportunity to have you in their life has a blessing and if they are not a blessing to you then life will take you along the path of someone who can bless and be blessed by you.


Okay lovelies, go spread some love today and make sure all the people in your life know how much they mean to you xoxo

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